M2M-Portal is our exclusive Management Software, skillfully designed by Riecktron. It allows you to effortlessly manage a range of Riecktron AMR, IoT, and compatible 3rd-Party products all in one place.

Supported Applications

Remote electricity meter readings

Remote water meter readings

Vehicle fleet monitoring

Server or cold room temperature monitoring

Effortlessly oversee your Riecktron Modems/Gateways

The Gateway page offers a comprehensive snapshot of your Gateway along with its pertinent details. Gain insights into its current SIM status, recent and past statuses, connected devices, configurations, issued commands, and session data, all conveniently accessible from this centralized platform.

This page provides access to various data points, including the current SIM information, current and previous statuses, linked devices, configurations, commands, and session data.

  • Current Network Stats
  • Sim Detials
  • Session Data
  • Linked Devices
  • Current IP Address
  • Remote Configurations

Efficiently oversee your Riecktron devices along with compatible third-party devices

Device page empowers you to seamlessly manage all your Riecktron and supported third-party devices.

Monitor profile graphs and registers, access and export logs, configure device settings, issue commands, and explore linked gateways.

  • Profile Overview
  • Profile Log Data
  • CSV Exports
  • Log Data Intervals
  • Device Commands Actions
  • Device Configurations
  • Linked Gateways

Efficiently administer the Sim Cards for your Modems/Gateways

The Sim Card page provides a comprehensive summary of your SIM card along with its pertinent information.

This page enables you to access crucial details such as the current gateway, recent and previous statuses, and the functionality to send and receive SMS messages.

  • Sim Details
  • Current Gateway
  • Send SMSes
  • Additional Sim details